State of Ohio
Facilities: 586 Beds*: 41,019
Nursing Care
Facilities: 948 Beds*: 93,588
* - Licensed Beds
Assisted Living
2010: 67,876 2015: 70,832
    Growth: 4.2%
Licensed Beds/Support
2010: 60.4% 2015: 57.9%
2010: 11,604,998 2015: 11,684,969
Population 75+
2010: 790,394 2015: 783,495
    % Growth: 0.0%
    # Growth: 0
2010: 4,598,383 2015: 4,644,317
Housing Units
2010: 5,166,429 2015: 5,301,506
Owner-Occupied Housing Units
2010: 3,144,301 2015: 3,180,581
    Growth: 1.1%
Renter-Occupied Housing Units
2010: 1,454,081 2015: 1,463,735
    Growth: 0.7%
Median Household Income
Age 75 - 79
2010: $31,377 2015: $38,828
Age 80 - 84
2010: $27,849 2015: $34,852
Age 85+
2010: $28,294 2015: $36,022
Source: Vogt Santer Insights, ESRI

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Note that due to the current recession, estimates for incomes have been trended downward in 2009. As a result, there is a smaller pool of qualified seniors for assisted living. This has translated into a lower number of beds of support for 2009 when compared to 2008.

Disclaimer:  Information provided is a statistical evaluation of support only.  Many additional factors need to be taken into consideration to determine actual support, including, among other factors, existing facilities’ qualities, services and occupancy levels.  A full market analysis of a specific site and project (existing or proposed) is needed to determine actual support. Please note that Vogt Santer Insights identified several nursing home and assisted living facilities that were listed in one county on the Ohio Department of Aging website but were found to have an address outside of that reported county. Vogt Santer Insights has used the actual physical location of that facility rather than the county in which it was reported. As a result, the counts for nursing home and assisted living beds and facilities at Vogt Santer Insights may differ from the Ohio Department of Aging website.

Source: Vogt Santer Insights, Ohio Department of Health, ESRI